Casper Beyer

I'm Casper Beyer, I'm in my mid twenties. I am a self-taught omni-developer, I've been at it ever since i got my hands on a Commadore 64 and 386 machines way back in the days.

I've been spending way to many years learning useless talents, at one point i was an amateur animator, then i stumbled into a fine art education but the fancy champagne parties just wasn't for me.

These days I am contractor running my own small shop, outside of client work, I focus on javascript based game development, I am available for hire so feel free to get in touch if you have an interesting project going on, I'm well versed in C, C++ and JavaScript (front and backend).

Lately I've also been working on an editor agnostic tool that lets you do live code editing called amok, it has other features too but that was the primary motivator.

How can I contact you?